Monday, October 01, 2007

Converting a large AVI file to a smaller WMV file for picasa or youtube

I was uploading pictures and videos from a company outing and soon discovered that the max file size for uploads to PicasaWeb is 100MB. So I decided to give YouTube a try but the max upload size on YouTube was also 100MB.

I took the video on my digital camera and it was in AVI format. I needed something that would convert this file to a smaller size. A couple of google searches later I discovered that Microsoft has a free WMV converter. The program provides different output quality settings and soon I was able to get my 162MB avi file to a 11MB wmv. Here's the download link:

If you aren't running Windows, mplayer might be sufficient for your video conversion needs. But the Linux version of Picasa doesn't allow uploading to web albums so you will have to do it through the web interface.

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wmv burn to dvd on mac osx said...

I realize it's been a few years, but this just came in handy for me to convert my video files.