Monday, October 01, 2007

Padres out, Rockies in

Thank goodness for TBS. Too bad this game was not televised on the networks because it was an instant classic that saw the Rockies come back against the man with the most saves in the history of baseball. I actually didn't see the comeback because I was peeved that Scott Hairston hit another clutch homer for the Padres and went to do the dishes. This guy has been killing the Giants all year and during the last week of the regular season he tossed the bat about 20 feet after blasting a homer off Matt Cain. Cain let him have it and it'll be interesting to see these guys matched up next year. When I came back from doing the dishes, I saw that the Rockies had won and that Holliday scored the winning run. What a relief that must have been since he was the one that misplayed the Brian Giles flyball that led to the Padres tying the game. If this game was any indication how the playoffs will be played, then we're all in for a treat. My sleeper pick is the Cubs but I think either Boston or Cleveland will win it all.

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