Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fantasy baseball recap

Back in March, Yahoo Sports invited average Joes to go head-to-head against their fantasy experts in baseball. I answered the call and was pitted in a 16 team, head-to-head league with Big Noise himself, Brad Evans. My key draft picks were Chipper, Magglio, Markakis, and Jose Reyes. My waiver wire gems were Ryan Braun and Carlos Pena, who I swapped for Derek Lee just before the trading deadline. My offense carried me the entire season because my only good pitcher was Josh Beckett. Since it was a head-to-head league, I knew that if my offense held up, I could stream pitchers if I reached the playoffs.

Only 6 out of 16 teams qualified for the playoffs and I made it as a 3rd place qualifier. This meant that I didn't have a first round bye which is always a bit dangerous. Luckily, my team held up and I moved on to the semifinals against the 2nd place team. We both had off weeks but my team went on to win. Waiting for me in the championship showdown was Brad Evans' team. He was on a roll and I had to go through him to win the championship. I was up to the challenge and pulled out all the stops like streaming pitchers to win the W and K categories and picking hot September additions such as Jacoby Ellsbury and Norris Hopper.

Just like the regular season, my offense carried me and streaming pitchers yielded wins in the W and K categories. In the end, it was a fun season and I'm thankful that Yahoo opened the league up and that Brad Evans took some time to go up against some of his readers.

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