Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Retiring yahoo fantasy greasemonkey scripts

Two years ago, I wrote a couple of popular greasemonkey scripts that allowed yahoo fantasy users to easily see live stats for their fantasy team. At the time, users who didn't shell out the 10 bucks to buy stattracker had to wait until the following day to see how their players performed. I didn't think that was fair so I automated the process of clicking through the boxscore link, parsing out the stat for a player, and summarizing it in a nice modal window. Starting this football season and continuing with basketball today, yahoo has decided to offer stattracker for free! This means that the scripts I released are no longer needed. Competition from other fantasy sites most likely compelled yahoo to offer it for free, but I'd like that all of you who used it, told your friends about it, and sent me bug and suggestions also forced their hand :)