Friday, September 28, 2007

Giants 2007 Recap

Now that the season is winding down, it's time to revisit my extremely optimistic outlook for the Giants 2007 baseball season. Granted, some of these predictions (see Benitez) were best case, Brady Anderson ala 1996 scenarios, but as the 2005 White Sox proved, it can happen.


Prediction: Zito will assume ace responsibilities and that new windup may give him that extra zip and movement.

Reality: The new windup was abandoned in the first week of spring training because the Giants didn't pay for new windup Barry. Barry had one of his worst seasons as a professional.

Running tally: 0-1

Prediction: A seasoned Matt Cain, aka Bobby Hill, will have learned how to pitch

Reality: Cain's W-L record belies how he well he pitched because the record could have been reversed if the Giants gave him more run support or if the relief pitchers didn't blow his leads. He definitely matured from his rookie year and mixed sliders and change ups to go with that nasty fastball.

Running tally: 1-1

Prediction: Noah Lowry might be able to fool hitters once more

Reality: Before Noah got injured he was among the league leaders in wins. He doesn't have overpowering stuff and runs a lot of counts to 3-2 but he still keeps the games close and finds ways to get guys to miss on fastballs never topping 90.

Running tally: 2-1

Prediction: Matt Morris will be able to avoid that one big inning blowup he always has

Reality: nope. same old Morris after a promising start and eventually traded to the Pirates for Rajai Davis.

Running tally: 2-2

Prediction: The fifth starter, whether it is a renewed Russ Ortiz or rookie sensations Linceum or Sanchez will surprise the league by storm.

Reality: I sure gave myself some leeway here by counting on at least 1 of 3 players to have a good year. Lincecum really did show the league that he's a special player. Whenever he pitches the opposing team is always at the railing checking him out.

Running tally: 3-2

Prediction: Benitez will be in shape and less of a headcase.

Reality: Nope. same old Benitez. Traded before the break to the Marlins for Randy Messenger.

Running tally: 3-3


Prediction: old guys will be injury free

Reality: wishful thinking. Durham, Roberts, Bonds spent significant time on the DL.

Running tally: 3-4

Prediction: Barry Bonds will break Hank's record by early August so the team can concentrate on the playoff push

Reality: Barry broke the record in early August but playoff hopes were pretty much gone at that point. half right = half wrong = a push

Running tally: still 3-4

Prediction: Dave Roberts will be that leadoff hitter we haven't had since Brett Butler

Reality: injured for most of the first half, came on strong for awhile and then leveled off. Splitting time with Rajai Davis so can't say he's that good.

Running tally: 3-5

Prediction: Rich Aurilia pounds 40 homers and shows Seattle fans why they once signed him to big bucks

Reality: yeah right. that was the last prediction so I went for the juggernaut. Rich Aurilia couldn't beat out Ryan Klesko for the starting first base job.

Final tally: 3-6 which pretty much sums up the Giants season. But next year, we'll be back.

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