Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Best Buy'er Beware

I picked up an item at my local Best Buy and it rang up at 3 times the listed price. I politely mentioned to the cashier that this must be a price mistake so she led me to the aisle where she knew the item was being sold. The problem was that this wasn't the aisle where I picked up my product so I brought her to where I found the item. Sure enough, the price was the lower and so she sold me the item at the price I originally saw.

Seems odd that the same item was listed at different prices in two parts of the store. I found mine near the back and the other one was near the cashier. Either I got lucky or this is a Best Buy ploy to overcharge their customers. Moral of the story is twofold. One, do a walk through to see if your item is priced differently at a different spot in the store. Two, make sure you're watching when they ring up your order. Buyer beware.

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