Friday, September 21, 2007

It's official. The Barry Bonds era has come to an end

It's official. Barry Bonds will not be a San Francisco Giant next year.

Many people outside of the Bay Area don't understand the relationship Giants fans have with Barry. We know he took steroids. We know he's arrogant. We know he's mean to reporters. So why is it that we don't hate him like the rest of America? Because he's a Giant. Because he grew up in the Bay Area. Because his dad played for the Giants and because his godfather is Willie Mays. Because he's not the only guy that ever took steroids and because he was a hall of famer caliber player before he juiced up. Because 1993 was a magical season.

To be competing for a division title a year removed from a woeful season and rumors of a move to St. Petersbug was invigorating. Suddenly it was fun to be a Giants fan again. Barry put the franchise on his back and carried the organization through the opening of Pac Bell Park, into the World Series in 2002, and even up to when he broke the home run record. That's a lot of great memories. He's been the face of the Giants for 15 years and when you're loyal to your team, you're going to be loyal to the face of the franchise too. Go Giants!

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