Sunday, February 12, 2006

snowboarding at sugarbowl

It was first my boarding session of the season (my 3rd time ever) yesterday and I really enjoyed it. We rented a minivan and made it to berkeley around 6 to pick up Jonathan. We pitted at a McDonald's in davis and arrived at sugarbowl at around 9:30pm.

I'm happy to say that I've vastly improved from my previous two snowboarding trips. I can now go down a steep hill on my board rather than my butt. My s-curves are coming around and I hope to go a couple more times this season to practice them. I'm defeinitely still a novice but getting better every time I get some runs in. I brought along my mp3 player and that along with a couple of cliff bars kept my energy level up until closing time at 4ish. I fell hard several times so today I woke up pretty sore but it was still a good trip.

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