Friday, February 10, 2006

planned programming projects

I consider myself lucky to deal with interesting programming challenges at work. It definitely keeps me on my toes to know that web applications I develop will be used by millions of our customers. Just from work programming, I've become quite adept with Perl, MySQL, and Java.

But to keep pace with all the interesting technologies and advances in this industry, it's important to hack on items outside of work too. Reading blogs definitely keeps you updated, but there's only so much you can do by reading...sometimes doing is the best teacher.

I've got two projects that I plan to work on in the coming weeks. The first is to develop a Ruby on Rails webapp that will be used to access this vast trove of baseball statistics. The second project is a Swing app that will be used to validate XML files against a user specified XSD. I deal with large XML files all the time and I've always wanted such a tool. I'm leaning toward the Swing project first but I might try working on both at the same time. Stay tuned for the'll either be beerware or will be simple like freebsd's license.

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