Thursday, February 09, 2006

IE printing problems and how to fix them

I work at a pertty high traffic site and we get immediate feedback from users if a problem occurs. A popular section of the site is our library of articles. Like other sites, we offer a "print view" of the article that does not contain ads, headers, and footers. Our IE uesrs, however, were having problems printing the article out on their printers. The rightmost side of the content was being chopped off even though it looked fine on the screen. I wasn't aware of this problem since I'm a firefox user but it made its way to my JIRA task list under blocker status so I promptly investigated the problem.

A quick search on Google revealed that this was a common IE printing problem and after refining the search I discovered the IE printing problem described by the IE programmers themselves. The problem was partly due to HTML designers but IE also deserves some of the blame as well since printing is fine on Firefox. I delved into our html markup and gutted a lot of unnecessary tables and invisible images used to control width that really seems prehistoric in these web 2.0 times. I pushed the fix live quickly and maybe..just maybe... saved some paper from having to be recycled or tossed out.

if you ever run into a problem printing a page out in IE, and you don't want to download firefox (why not?), these are the links to third party solutions that the IE bloggers recommended:

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