Tuesday, January 03, 2006

back in san francisco

we left vegas at 2pm and arrived in San Francisco at 3am. After dropping everyone off and returning home it was past 5 before I rolled into bed. Fortunately, I scheduled the entire week off so I was able to sleep in this morning. the most memorable moment of the trip was watching the countdown and the entire street erupt into celebration when the new year arrived. the streets were closed and we we on tropicana and las vegas blvd simultaneously checking out the fireworks coming from mgm and the roof of excalibur. the crowd wasn't too wild but there was the usual mix of drunks balanced by the ones of families with strollers. I'm surprised when I see both sets of people...especially the families with strollers crusing the strip so late at night.

gambling wise I probably spent an hour at the blackjack tables the entire 5 days. I also entered my first poker tournament and placed in the money. I finished 5/40 in a no limit game and my friend finished 2nd. The hand I busted out on was pokect 8's. I was up against 9-2 and the guy flopped a set and then had a quad on the turn. but that's poker...:) I was low stacked and my all in was just his big blind.

it was a pretty good trip overall and a nice way to start the new year with good friends.

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