Tuesday, January 17, 2006


with shows like "lost" and "24", I almost can understand why people don't subscribe to cable. cable is a big waste of money and if not for the fact that I need my sports fix I would probably cancel my subscription. I got the bill the other day and it's close to 50 bucks now. but as I type out this entry I'm really enjoying epsn's "game of the millenium" mashup of the 70s steelers against the 80s niners so what can I do.

What's a mashup? It's when you combine different tools/data in order to come up with something cool. Think about overlaying craigslist housing data with google maps. That's a mashup. So the fantasy matchup between the two powerhouse football teams of the 70s and 80s is like a football mashup. We can call this tv 2.0 and tag it with the keywords "1980 forty niners" "1970 steelers" "fantasy matchup" "game of the millenium"

before I digress any further the impetus for this entry is to say that 24 rocks. Jack bauer is bad ass as usual and for the past two nights I've been glued to the set. What a way to hook new users..give them two back to back episodes on consecutive nights. One has to disregard reality to fully appreciate the show but once that leap of faith happens it's edge of the seat excitement.

The eye candy this season has got to be the first lady's assistant played by actress Sandrine Holt. I had to dig into the 24 site forum to find her but I guess that's not as complicated as Chloe running a "double regression binary filter" on some image that has been magnified 50 times in order to pinpoint a former eastern block army sergeant. but let's get this straight, she's just a bonus (and she could be a villain later on which would suck cuz I can't root for villains..pretty sure that'snot her character though)..I'm a fan of the show for the storyline first and Sandrine second.

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