Friday, February 02, 2007

yahoo sports redesign

Wow, yahoo sports has had a major makeover. About a year ago, I blogged about espn's redesign and how it was an upgrade. I feel similar about the new yahoo site but not as excited since espn was the real trailblazer with their css based layout.

Both sites look really similar now with a huge pic on the LHS and links to articles on the RHS. But there are some improvements that differentiate the designs. Yahoo's links to articles has multiple tabs "Headlines", "Rumors", and "Most Popular" which allows for a bunch of links above the fold. Yahoo also lists the top fantasy performers on the front page which is a nice touch for fantasy fanatics like myself. That said, the yahoo designers had a year to come up with new stuff and the fact that the site kinda looks like espn really speaks volumes about the espn design.

The only site I've been visiting for years that remains the same is craigslist.

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