Tuesday, September 26, 2006

it's a boy!

Lots have happened since my last update. The biggest annoucement is that my sister gave birth to the cutest little baby boy, Josh Michael on September 7th. I've been visiting the little guy quite often and he looks more adorable every time I see him. He's my first nephew and I look forward to going to Giants and Niners games with him. He's also displaying tremendous strength in his left arm so maybe he'll be the Sandy Koufax or Steve Carlton of his generation. That shouldn't be too much pressure to place on the little tyke :) Notice I'm already picking a 'safe' sport like baseball for him instead of bone crunching football.

The niners are doing more crunching this year, even though they're 1-2. I doubt they will make the playoffs but at least they are somewhat competitive which is saying something based on what I saw last year. Getting rid of Barlow was a good move and so was getting Norv Turner. His track record with young quarterbacks is pretty good and I'm already seeing more offensive plays that utilize Alex Smith's mobility. Last year, Alex Smith was primarily a pocket passer and this year I'm seeing rollouts and designed run plays. Our O-line is providing more protection too..we finally got rid of Newberry and even though I'm sad to see him go it was time. Sad because he was the last connection to Bob Mckitttrick but glad because he couldn't possibly hold up on two shot knees with no cartilege. My fantasy team is currently 0-3 but to be fair I gotta say that I lost 2 of them by a combine 4 points and the most recent defeat came against a Cincinnati defense that scored over 25 points. WTF?? I hope my luck changes. I got Portis and Cooley in my starting lineup so hopefully Washington's offensive explosion continues.

I started the football fantasy greasemonkey script but just haven't found the motivation to finish it. Unlike my baseball version which saved me lots of time checking out box scores everyday, football games don't occur everyday. I already pour over the boxscores anyway so I'm not really saving that time finding out how my players did. I have gotten some good feedback from the baseball one so I'll leave it to those users...anyone want to see a football one? or should we just wait 'til basketball season starts? I'm definitely doing a basketball one.


Brett said...


I am extremely interested in the fantasy football script. Because I am currently embedded in school, I have less than zero time to check on fantasy (That being said, I'm 2-2 and 3rd in the league... which says a lot for my league lol..). If there is anyway you could help me out, or maybe point me in the right direction as far as writing the script goes... I'm green when it comes to writing code for anything, so I'm eager to learn.. a few thoughts would be very much appreciated.. Thanks

Dave said...

hey Brett,
I definitely feel your pain in the fantasy leagues..I finally won my first head-to-head matchup this season.

some good resources for greasemonkey are 'dive into greasemonkey' and you can also check out my baseball script or any of the scripts of userscripts.org for examples on how to code things.

I started the football script here:
http://freebiestats.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/football.user.js so that's probably the best starting point. Before developing though you should download 'firebug extension'. that will make debugging a bit easier. if you'd like I can clean the script up more and maybe even code an better example where I get a quarterback's total stats.

Bob said...

The football script looks intriguing. I was looking at the code and was kind of confused by the Batter and Pitcher. I guess these are left over from the baseball script. Maybe a little guidance would be helpful.

Also, you may want to look into Statfink. It looks like it might work pretty good. http://sourceforge.net/projects/statfink/